Why less than Orkney?

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Shetland has received £5m for ferries from the Scottish Government, which is around 80 per cent of its ask, whereas Orkney has received £5.5m which is fare MORE than their original ask according to media outlets and the councils themselves (SIC to receive extra £5m for island ferries; SN, 31/01/2018)

It begs the question, why has Orkney ended up with more, and how has Orkney ended up with more?

Is it to do with strategy? Is it to do with government? Or far more likely is it to do with a cock up at the top of the SIC?

As it stands my requests for answers from the council’s leader remain unanswered.

Answers on a postcard….

Peter Matthewson

Note from the editor: Orkney Islands Council has not received more funding than it asked for but exactly what it needs to fund the deficit for 2018/19. See: http://www.orkney.gov.uk/OIC-News/Council-welcomes-ferry-funding-announcement.htm