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New catamaran for inshore fleet

The new catamaran is slowly lifted into the water at the Vidlin marina on Thursday. Photos: Hans J Marter/Shetland News

SHETLAND’s inshore fleet is continuing to modernise after creel fisherman Grant Robertson took delivery of a brand new catamaran this week.

The eight metre long vessel, which will be named Helen-Ann, was built near Ipswich by specialist boat builder Andrew Craig of Design Catamarans.

Grant Robertson: 'Bigger, warmer and more comfortable.'

The catamaran, which still needs to be fitted out with electronics, hydraulics and fishing equipment, will offer 40 times better stability compared to mono hull and hence guarantee a safer working environment.

The 28-year-old fisherman from Vidlin said his new vessel replaces the Laika II (LK1017), which has been sold to Cooke Aquaculture in Orkney.

“I opted for Andrew Craig because he is a well-known boat builder. This new vessel actually is a smaller version of the local boat Mari Dawn, built about ten years ago,” he said.

“This one is bigger, warmer and more comfortable than the previous boat – definitely a step up.”

Once the Helen-Ann is fully fitted out, Robertson will be setting creels and jigging for cod and other whitefish from his base at Lunna.

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