Letters / Lost bracelet

I am writing to you to see if you might help in any way. On Saturday 22 July, my husband and I walked the path from Isbister to the lighthouse at Fethaland.

 We parked at the farmer’s gate (grid reference 372909) where I believe the bracelet must have fallen.

We had a lovely walk to the lighthouse and ate our packed lunch. We put on our waterproofs as the rain came in and we walked back to the car. I think that the black leather and silver bracelet came off when I removed my waterproof jacket at the car.

The bracelet has tremendous sentimental value to me and I will provide a 50 GBP reward If it is returned to me.

We stayed at the Scalloway Hotel and had a wonderful time exploring Shetland. But now, the loss of my bracelet the end of our journey leaves me very sad when I think of Shetland.

Can you please help?

Toi Pedrick DVM
Monona, Wisconsin USA
608.692.9920 (mobile)