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Letters / ‘I stand for the many, not the few’

“Societies that exhibit large income inequalities also tend to score badly in terms of health and a range of social problems.” (*Source: The Spirit Level 2009)

On Da Level, a report by the Shetland Commission on Inequalities, states that one in 15 people in Shetland are income deprived; half of all households are in fuel poverty; and food parcels have trebled since 2010.

I couldn’t find equivalent data for Orkney but the Orkney Community Plan makes clear that Orkney, too, is home to individuals and families who are struggling.

In our islands we face other kinds of inequality – difficulties relating to transport, digital connectivity, access to medical services, and sustaining our agriculture and fishing industries.

We need our government to be are aware of the challenges we face and we need a government that is interested in working with us to tackle them.

The Tories have no interest in tackling inequality. The SNP profess to have an interest but have signally failed to use any of their extensive devolved powers to this end.

I am standing for Labour because tackling inequality and making life better for everyone is at the heart of their mission.

They, and I, stand for the many, not the few.

Robina Barton
Labour Candidate Orkney and Shetland