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Letters / Positively negative

Last Monday the SNP candidate was quoted in the local press as promising a “positive and engaging” campaign.

 On Tuesday one of her most prominent local campaigners was e-mailing people with a link to her fundraising page.

In his e-mail he states that the SNP are “up against ….a Fib/Dem Candidate in ‘LIAR’ Carmichael who while having few foot soldiers here is surprisingly well funded and like in the past will probably rely on Fib/Dem 5th Columnists as they did in the past.These people have demonstrated that they are the lowest of the low….” (A link to the original e-mail can be found here.)

If this is the nationalists idea of a positive and engaging campaign then we can only wonder what it will be like if they decide to go negative.

Alistair Christie-Henry
South Beosetter