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New gritters named

Councillors Steven Coutts (left) and Michael Stout (right) with the six pupils who chose the winning names for the gritters - Photo: SIC

SIX NEW gritters recently bought by Shetland Islands Council to replace older ones have been named by local schoolchildren.

The names – such as Sir Saats-a-lot and Snaa Blaster – were unveiled on Friday at Tingwall Primary School as kids were given gritter toys, hats and goodie bags.

It is the second year in a row that the council has purchased six new gritters to replace older vehicles.

The local authority has a fleet of 18 gritters, with some of the vehicles recently visiting schools to teach kids more about what they do ahead of winter.

Chairman of transport partnership ZetTrans Michael Stout said: “These new vehicles have modern control systems that allow more precise control over the spreading of road salt, and will be more reliable and cheaper to run than older vehicles.

“This continued investment in the assets of our roads service means we are better able to keep Shetland moving in winter when we have cold weather or significant snowfall.”

The winning names and the children who suggested them are as follows:

  • Winter Warrior – Robbie Sutherland, Tingwall School
  • Sir Saats-a-lot – William Anderson, Hamnavoe School
  • Snow Angel – Cassie Pottinger, Hamnavoe School
  • Snaa Blaster – Bobby Williamson, Ollaberry School
  • Saat Skeeter – Thomas Angus, North Roe School
  • Gritter Critter – Tamar Dunlop, Sandwick School

The runners up meanwhile were:

  • Da Muckle Puckle – Hayden Moar, Sound Primary
  • Snow Guardin – Roshik Saravanan, Scalloway Primary
  • Muckle Rummeler – Rhianna Tulloch, Brae High School
  • Salt Skeater – Lois Arthur, Hamnavoe Primary
  • Snow Blaster – Roma Robertson, Dunrossness Primary
  • Snow Blaster – Dhilan Lalla, Tingwall Primary