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Court round up

A LERWICK man who appeared topless at the town’s sheriff court squandered his chance of being released on bail when he started arguing with the sheriff.

Appearing from custody dressed only in shorts, John Wood Gibson of 44A Bruce Crescent told the court that he did not feel like wearing a shirt.

The 38 year old is charged with behaving in an aggressive manner aggravated by religious prejudice while in a police car outside his home address and at Lerwick police station on Sunday.

Sheriff Philip Mann continued to case without plea and was in the middle of explaining the bail conditions to Gibson, when he started to interrupt the sheriff.

Gibson took offence to one condition stipulating that he was not allowed to contact a named woman while on bail, arguing that it was she who always contacted him.

Following several warnings not to interrupt, Gibson was removed from the courtroom and remanded in custody.

Meanwhile the case against a 31 year old labourer was continued without plea until 5 August.

William Richard Forrester, of Southhaven, Wadbister, is charged with driving while unfit through drink or drugs, failing to provide a breath specimen at Lerwick police station, and behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, on Sunday.

Appearing from the cells on Monday morning, Forrester was released later the same day but told not to drive whilst on bail.

His vehicle has meanwhile been seized by the Crown.

A Lerwick teenager has been remanded in custody after appearing on charges of brandishing a length of wood and attempting to pervert the course of justice by running away from police officers, on the town’s Market Street on Saturday.

Lee Hamilton, of 89 St Olaf’s Street, had his application for bail turned down after the court heard that these latest charges were committed after bail had already been granted twice in February and June this year.

Sheriff Philip Mann continued the case without plea until 5 August.