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Conservatives select Highland advocate

Donald Cameron - Photo: Hans J Marter/ShetNews

A HIGH Court lawyer from the Highlands has been chosen as the Conservative candidate to fight the Orkney and Shetland seat at the general election in May.

Donald Cameron has been an advocate since 2005 and recently represented Sustainable Shetland as junior counsel in their appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

The 38-year old from Spean Bridge who now lives near Edinburgh, is married with three young children and has stood in previous Scottish Parliamentary and UK General Election campaigns.

Chairman of the Shetland Conservative Association, Maurice Mullay, said the prospective candidate’s experience in both English and Scots law, as well as his “engaging personality would be of considerable benefit” in dealing with the general public, officials and politicians.

Cameron said he was delighted to have been given the opportunity to stand in the northern isles.

“I think that the track record of the Conservative-led UK government has delivered a strong and growing economy and that the party’s long-term economic plan will secure a better future for our families.

“Just as important, I passionately believe that Scotland’s place is within the Union and I promise that if elected, I would continue to campaign relentlessly for a United Kingdom.”

He said that if elected he would concentrate on:

  • standing up for the interests of local businesses and the rural economy at Westminster;
  • encouraging sustainable economic activity and financial discipline at a local and national level;
  • working to reduce transport costs and improve efficiency for both passengers and freight to and from the islands;
  • improving infrastructure and communications in the more remote areas of Orkney and Shetland;
  • encourage constructive co-operation with Westminster by the Scottish Parliament;
  • supporting efforts for greater openness from government and more grassroots participation in local decision-making.

Mullay added: “We are delighted to have a Conservative candidate for Orkney and Shetland of the caliber and quality of Donald Cameron.

“His legal and business background is a tremendous asset and will ensure that he can represent the islands and islanders’ interests at the highest levels with ability, confidence, diligence and enthusiasm.”

The other prospective candidates are: Alistair Carmichael (Lib Dems) Gerry McGarvey (Labour), Danus Skene (SNP) and Robert Smith (UKIP). 

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