Letter / Viking and the SNP

Over the past two years I have asked Douglas Young a number of questions, all referring to the referendum and Scottish independence and am still waiting for an answer.

One of the questions was, as he is an advocate of the SNP green energy policy and is in opposition to the Viking wind farm could he please explain his position on the matter.

As no answer was forthcoming I would like to put the same question to him again, especially in light of his comments on Yes Shetland facebook page last month.

Douglas Young on the 12 February this year gave several answers to a comment from Johan Adamson on the Yes Shetland facebook page. If I am not mistaken Douglas is the press officer for the SNP in Shetland and what he says on a public social media page regarding SNP policy should be taken at face value and be taken as official SNP policy.

Johan posted: “Finding it hard to reconcile wanting an inde Scotland with SNPs support of wind farms following the heart breaking news re Viking Energy.”

Douglas Young’s replies are: “Independence for a nation is bigger than any single issue so we’ll grin and bear it.”

Next he said: “No keen either but to reject independence because of a 25 year wind farm Johan after 300 years of Westminster rule is not a price worth paying for the next generations.”

Then added after a comment by Johan:” You’re jumping around topics here Johan. You either want independence or you don’t.”

Next he asked Johan: “Do you want independence?” His final comment was: “Possibly the first voter I’ve come across who decides on a single issue on how to vote. Nearly everybody I’ve come across in the last two years have many reasons on choosing a party.”

That party being the SNP and Douglas an office bearer putting independence before personal views and worries of a concerned member as a policy that we all now know to be the main aim of the SNP in the general election.

Proof, if proof were needed that the general election is about the SNP gaining independence and not about having many MPs there to represent us and do our bidding.

In reality there are two questions, the one above and the other is just what does your above post thread really mean for people who object to the Viking wind farm and those who think and believe the fallacy that the SNP are not a single issue party.

Gordon Harmer