Ethereal beauty

The Shetland Times has excelled itself this year by selecting a photograph depicting the ethereal beauty of Sandwater for the header of its calendar.

It is ironic that the house shown is the home of the one person in the whole of Shetland whose life will be the most devastated by the Viking wind farm – Sandwater will become an industrial lay down area as well as being surrounded by turbines.

Just to remind everyone, the then councillors who knowingly chose to inflict this torment on an elderly lady were Rick Nickerson, Gussie Angus, Laura Baisley, Jim Budge, convenor Sandy Cluness, Addie Doull, Robert Henderson, political leader Josie Simpson and Betty Fullerton (now conveniently a trustee with the Shetland Charitable Trust – part financiers of the wind farm).

Remind yourselves of their actions every time you look at the calendar.

Evelyn Morrison