Fishing boat safe in port after Mayday call

LERWICK lifeboat and the Sumburgh based search and rescue helicopter responded to a Mayday call on Sunday morning when a fishing vessel was in danger of capsizing in the Fair Isle channel.

The Scarborough registered Floreat SH60 with six crew on board reported that a line had become fast to the seabed and with one door open the vessel was taking in water and had started listing.

Shetland Coastguard was alerted to the incident 15 miles southeast of Sumburgh at 7.16am.

The search and rescue 102 chopper was first at the scene to lower an additional pump, which helped the crew to improve the situation on the 24-metre vessel.

The lifeboat then escorted the fishing vessel to Lerwick where they arrived at around 1pm.

Meanwhile a 57-year old oil worker sustained injuries after being hit on the head by a falling pipe on the Murchison platform on Sunday morning. He was airlifted to Lerwick for treatment in the Gilbert Bain Hospital.