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Letters / Sunny rural Shetland

In a break from the destructive Viking wind farm disaster, hysterical wall-to-wall TV & radio sport coverage and the “spend a £1 to save 20p rubbish SIC” – here is something totally different!

Why is the weather forecast based on the silly Met Office information gathering stations placed on the top of hills overlooking Lerwick, Scatsta or Sumburgh Head?

I often come home to my humble residence at Clousta to find the gale force winds not present, the temperature so far oot that I must be in Barbados compared to much of the east side, Lerwick and other misty airts.

On Thursday I came home at 6pm to find the temperature at 34 degrees C / 90 F.

I know it was higher earlier on, as I have a max & min gauge, and at sometime earlier it reached 36 C, just a wine gum short of 100 F.

Also of note for keen gardeners and sun seekers alike – parts of the Westside get 120 per cent and more sunshine per year wi da appropriate higher temperatures than da toon or east ower.

So SIC take note before you close rural Shetland in favour of Lerwick for everything.

You canna grow muckle veg or raise many beasts to feed us in da toon or in da Tingwall, Gulberwick, Whiteness & Weisdale Lerwick overspill areas due to aa da folk feelin dey need to bide der to be closer to Centra-Lerwickopolis.

As the perceived and much lauded need to save money is entirely based on continual waste, mistakes, poor leadership, historic senior management mismanagement, it is time for rural Shetland to refuse to pay their part of oor cooncil tax!

So anyone interested in forming a group to support fighting the centralising?

Vic Thomas

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021