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Bristol attractions at classic motor show

A 1955 Bristol 405. Ten cars from the Bristol Owners and Drivers Association will be on show at next weekend's Classic Motor Show.

THIS YEAR’S Shetland Classic Motor Show has more attractions than ever before according to its organisers.

The event will be held at the weekend of 7 and 8 June at the Clickimin Leisure Centre in Lerwick.

On the Sunday, a special attraction will be the visit of ten cars from the Bristol Owners and Drivers Association making a stop on their Orkney and Shetland tour.

Bristol Cars grew out of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, famous during World War Two for its Blenheim bombers and Beaufighters.

The car division, founded after the war, based its early models on the pre-war BMW two litre straight six engine, and the bodywork had BMW styling cues as well.

By the late 1950s Bristol switched over to big Chrysler V8 engines and in 1960 the company was sold to ex-racing driver Tony Crook, who managed the firm for over forty years.

All Bristol cars were made in very small numbers to the highest, almost aeronautical, engineering standards.

The party also includes an Armstrong-Siddeley Hurricane, one of the first new British models introduced after the war, and also from a company with air industry connections.

The Bristol contingent is completed by three Jaguars: a Mark 1, an XK150, the predecessor of the E-Type, and a late model XJS, the longest running, and biggest selling, of all sporting Jaguars.