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Letters / We are all Indo-Europeans

It is misleading for Scots, especially the young, to be urged to vote for Scotland’s separation from England.

If you vote Yes, we will separate from Wales, Northern Ireland, England, the Channel Islands, the Scilly Isles, and all the small islands of the sea.

Scotland will destroy the United Kingdom and Commonwealth!

Genetically we are all Indo-Europeans, our islands race being made up of more Phoenicians and Eastern Europeans than Celts.

Take the Lunasting Stone lying hidden in the Granton Store of the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

This prehistoric Stone records that a Hittite father and son were at Lunasting when the father suddenly died. The Phoenician lettering was translated by Professor L A Waddell in 1924 and the Ogam by W F Skene and they say:
“(This) Cross (is erected by) Xahht Manann (son of) Hacc Ffeff (who) rests aneath weening in hope nigh”.

Scotland was never national, it was international!

Isabella Lennie
11/3, Clarence Street