Letters / Hill’s illogical path

I have been reading many thoughts regarding the independence referendum and I must say, most people do have valid arguments.

However, it is after reading Stuart Hill’s letter Yes Shetland (SN; 11/03/14) that I have been urged to make a comment of my own.

I am not at all going to claim that I am fully aware of the political past of Shetland and the legalities of who owns what and who has what rights.


The point I would like to make about this particular letter is that it seems to be suggesting that no Shetlander (or anyone who considers Shetland to be their home) should vote either way. So far I understand Stuart’s view.

I am lost by the final comment:

“The ‘Our Island, Our Future’ campaign should be ashamed of themselves for going cap in hand asking for powers that are ours by right.”

This seems to be suggesting that Shetland already has the right to independence from the UK and should do nothing but continue as it is? This would appear to be sticking our heads in the sand to the fact that a big decision is due to be made in September, which will affect Shetland whether we like it or not and whether it is “legal” or not.


The points I am taking from Stuart’s letter are:

  • Don’t vote Yes because that is giving into the idea that Shetland is in fact part of another nation;
  • Don’t vote No because this is saying you want to continuing being part of the UK when Shetland isn’t legally part of the UK anyway;
  • Don’t campaign for our own independence because we shouldn’t have to ask for what is technically already ours.

I am bewildered as to where this would leave Shetland in the grand scheme of things? Keeping in mind that the referendum outcome WILL affect Shetland in some way shape or form (again whether we like it or not).


This is not intended as criticism against Stuart, as I say I do not pretend to have the political knowledge with regards to Shetland’s past. It is simply to point out the illogical path that his argument has taken.

I personally am currently undecided on which way to vote!

Leigh-Ann McGinty
East Voe