Letters / High time

Congratulations to Hjaltland Seafarms for installing sealproof nets around their salmon cages. (Drive to end seal shooting in Shetland; SN, 29/01/14)

The slaughter has gone on for 30 years in Shetland and it’s high time it stopped.

The site licences, after all, specify “non-lethal” predator control for both common and grey seals, and have done for a very long time.

On my boat tours to see seals and seabirds I always explain to visitors that I will start eating farmed salmon the day the fish farmers start observing the conditions of their permits and stop killing seals, which in my opinion are worth more alive than dead, even though wildlife tourism generates far less income than fish farming.

Now, at last, I will be able to recommend at least one firm whose fish have not involved unnecessary and sometimes illegal seal culling.

Jonathan Wills