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Letters / Indebted to Mr Harmer

We here at Yes Shetland are indebted to your regular contributor Gordon Harmer (Clutching at Straws; SN 19/12/13, and others) who gives us regular publicity and although not always supportive it has been said any is better than none.

He could have included a couple of our other Facebook postings such as Alistair Darling on the BBC stating a currency union would be the best option or the House of Commons Debate on fishing on 12 December, which Alistair Carmichael did not attend but 50 per cent of the SNP MPs did, or even that the top 19 donors of the Better Together campaign are Tories.

To clarify for Mr Harmer, followers of Yes Shetland pages (admin carried out in Shetland) on Facebook are not limited to geographical area, although both pages are Shetland-based, unlike the No campaign.

We are open to all who are interested in the referendum debate, whether yes, no or undecided.

Shetland Better Together page states: “This page is here to help mobilise support and organise campaigning from people across Edinburgh who want Scotland to remain as part of a strong United Kingdom. Please share with your friends and family.” Hardly local!

In the meantime we will continue to inform our 442 followers on all aspects of the referendum.

Aye yours,
Douglas Young
Yes Shetland