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Letters / Shetlandism

From The Oxford English Dictionary:
Religion: a particular system of faith and worship.
Faith: complete trust in someone or something; a strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof.
Belief: an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

On 16 August 2011 the question of whether Shetland is part of Scotland or not was considered in a court for the very first time and we now have a definitive answer.

Sheriff Graeme Napier reviewed the evidence put before him and decided that he had jurisdiction. The ludicrously flimsy evidence produced by the Crown to help him reach that decision was an article by Brian Smith entitled When Did Shetland Become Part of Scotland? published in the New Orkney Antiquarian Journal.

In the two-stage appeal process that followed, the sheriff’s decision was supported by four law lords. So, the Crown’s position is now revealed and we are asked to accept it without proof in the nature of a religion as described by the Oxford English Dictionary.

I am sure that Brian Smith would not wish his work to be relied upon as the ultimate authority in such an important question – he has always professed not to be interested in the legal aspects of this matter.

Indeed, he makes no such claim, even sub-titling his article ‘A contribution to the debate’.

So although he and his article have undoubted value in historical circles, its admissibility as legal evidence and his value as a legal authority are at the very least questionable.

It is now abundantly clear there is no credible evidence that Shetland ever legitimately became part of Scotland. The authorities would have us believe that the sheer length of time of their deception is sufficient to legitimise it, but this is not supported by international law.

My research shows that Shetland’s sovereignty lies in the hands of the people of Shetland – not the UK or Scottish governments, or even Norway. It belonged to the people in the past and has never been taken away by any monarch or government. The truth has only been hidden.

Shetlandism as a description of the existing system bears all the hallmarks of a religion according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Its adherents have an unquestioning belief in something that cannot be proved. Are you a Shetlandist? If you want to continue believing in Shetlandism, keep on accepting the dogma – it’s your faith and support that keeps it in place.

If you think the people of Shetland have suffered enough at the hands of the high priests of Shetlandism, regaining control is not a question of asking for it from the very people who have conned Shetlanders into belief for centuries – it’s a matter of asserting existing rights.

We don’t need permission from anyone to live by the rules we want and to have whatever relationship we wish with other countries. Ask the high priests how they derive their power to dictate to us. Is it any more than The Word of Brian?

Stuart Hill