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Letters / What will the trust do?

When the health impact study into wind farms was commissioned by the Shetland Charitable Trust, the then trust chairman Drew Ratter said if there were findings that required action the trust would be “forced to move heaven and earth to act upon them” (Shetland Times, Trustees vote to approve £6.3million for Viking windfarm, 28/06/12).

Now that the report has been published and despite Viking Energy’s efforts to put a positive spin on the result, Dr Taylor has stated unequivocally that there is evidence that wind farms directly affect the health of people living close to them.

What course of action do Ratter and the rest of the charitable trust now intend to take to protect the health and wellbeing of their fellow islanders who will be forced to live within the confines of this toxic project into which they have invested millions of pounds of our money?

The councillors at the planning meeting who voted in favour of the wind farm (councillor Nickerson proposed, Doull seconded and cllrs Simpson, Baisley, Budge, Fullerton, Angus, Cluness and Henderson) were made fully aware of health effects this project would inflict on their fellow islanders. 

These councillors chose to completely ignore this – money was more important to them than health and the environment.

Will the charitable trust display the same lack of moral integrity again?

Donnie Morrison

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021