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SHETLAND youth media group Maddrim Media is planning to enter its latest production to the Co-op Film Festival, in Bradford, as well as the isles’ own Screenplay festival, later this year.

Confabulation is the first music video the team has produced. It was filmed to coincide with the completion of a HNC music course that culminated in the launch of an EP by local band Wind-Up Projectile.

The four minute film deals with the issues of “honest lying” by exploring a rose-tinted and a bleaker version of what witnesses believed to have happened during a bar fight.

Producer Marjolein Robertson said she had spent several weeks developing the storyline and organising her cast before filming took place over four days.

The film was shot at Lerwick Sheriff Court, Lerwick Boating Club, Lerwick Legion and at Wobblygang Studios, owned by Stevie and Amanda Hook.

Robertson said: “The video itself was a huge undertaking that required much planning before we could even begin to shoot. The first phase was the writing and storyboarding the video.

“It was an extremely enjoyable and valuable experience. Personally for me, any Maddrim project contains those elements, but for this video especially.

“Wind-Up Projectiles were fantastic to work with, great fun, hard working and so grateful for our work.

“I revelled at the challenge to portray a story through their song, one which, even after listening to countless times, I still love and can’t wait to hear again.”

The music video has just been uploaded to YouTube, and Maddrim Media is also sharing it through different social media.

The cast were: Clair Thomason – witness number one; Joe Watt – witness number 2/himself; Chris Thomson – sheriff/barman/himself; Lewis Murray – dancer number one/ fighter number one/himself; Hayden Hook – himself; Dirk Robertson – dancer number two/fighter number two; Anis Pearson – girl who dances with witness.


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