Letters / Money to secure the future

In reply to Evelyn Morrison (It’s all about making money, SN 24 June 2012)

If the supporters against the wind farm were consistent with their views on “destruction of wildlife habitat, carbon sinks, landscape and people’s health” then people’s views such as myself wouldn’t be that the against campaign’s real agenda is “Not On Our Door Step”.


If they really did care about the “destruction of wildlife habitat, carbon sinks, landscape and people’s health” then there would be a picked line at the access to the Total gas plant building site. I have heard no campaigners voice their concern for the villages of Lochend, Ollaberry, Sullom, Brae, Mossbank, Voe and Toft.

I myself regard the concrete/steel jungle of the Total plant as a necessary evil. It creates core jobs at the site and also creates plenty of spin offs for sub contractors. But the communities of the north now have to open the curtains to this.

As for your opinion on “It’s all about making money”, I’ll hold my hand up and 100 per cent admit that yes, it’s all about making money.

It’s not money that going into my pocket, it’s money that’s going to secure the future of the generations to follow. So the kids of the future can have the same education that I received, the same leisure facilities, roads and, most importantly, chances in an ever developing world.

Best Regards

Craig Johnson