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Peter Jamieson
Peter Jamieson
Scottish Christian Party
Shetland Central

About me
Having now resided in Scalloway for six years, three of which I have been employed as a carer in the Walter & Joan Gray Eventide Home, I would like to think I have a reasonable understanding of the current issues surrounding this area, and the opinions generally held by the public.

Of course the words I hear most at present are ‘cutbacks’ which our local authority seems to be wielding as if it had no choice – but is that really the case?

My Faith
I came to faith in Christ in 2006 in a drugs rehab on Papa Stour. My life was completely transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and through the power of His Holy Spirit.

Since then my life has gone from strength to strength, because I chose to follow Christ at His word, and put my trust in Him.

Proclaiming Christ

It is because of this that I feel I must now make a stand here in this Ward, as I know first-hand that God has the power to do so much more than we can comprehend.

By elevating Christ’s name in our local council, especially in planning for the future, and the resultant decisions that are made, we will be building on Solid ground and not the rocky foundations of man’s own abilities, which have very sadly failed us in the past costing millions of pounds in the process.

As most of us will be aware massive ‘Cutbacks’ are threatening the very infrastructure, of not only our smaller rural communities, but Shetland as a whole.

Education is under threat with the amalgamation of primary and secondary schools. But I don’t think closing schools, like those in Burra and Tingwall, are as necessary as they would have us believe.

These schools are extremely important to those areas as they provide so much more than an education for the children. They are quite simply the heart of any community, which in itself prospers the area in many different ways.

Care of the Elderly
Care for the elderly is another area that is being threatened on a massive scale. Changes to how care is given to those who are housebound, as well as those fortunate enough to have places that they can visit, are facing a major revamp, which in my opinion are – not for the best.

Business and de-centralisation
Business development is another area that should be looked at as our local authority seeks to centralise everything. Scalloway harbour for instance has massive scope concerning the proposed development of Oil on the West coast of Shetland, as well as future renewable energy projects.

With housing at a crisis point, there is also a great potential in areas like Scalloway, Tingwall, Burra, Girlsta, for future development which again would be of great benefit to those communities.

By God’s Grace
Of course I don’t profess to have all the answers, but what I can promise is that a vote given for Peter Jamieson will be a vote in favour of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that all matters concerning Shetland Central will be prayerfully submitted to Him, along with the opinions of those who wish to see Christian values upheld, we will seek His wisdom, and exact some common sense, in something that up until now has been severely lacking throughout previous councils – good decisions being made. Above all I will look to the interests of the whole community.

Change is needful.

Make YOUR vote count.

Contact details
Mobile 07876 186593
Email peter.jamieson@inbox.com
Website http://shetlandchristianparty.blogspot.com