NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021

Location, location, location

Expressive and loud - the Eshaness cliffs - Photo: Between Weathers

SOME OF Shetland’s most stunning locations have been chosen as a backdrop for the movie Between Weathers, planned to be filmed in the isles this year.

In fact some sequences have already been shot during the Cullivoe Up-Helly Aa in late February.

The production company behind the movie has now revealed some of Shetland’s beauty spots that will feature in the full length movie.

Among them are the Eshaness cliffs, the St Ninian’s Isle tombolo, the Dore Holm natural arch, a cottage overlooking Vementry and the floating corrugated iron workshed, anchored in Olna Firth.

Speaking from London on Monday, director Jim Brown said choosing the right location was essential to making the film work.

Between Weathers has been described as a modern day David and Goliath story, portraying a dwindling island population attempting to turn around its fortunes by using the power of the internet.

One of the main character's cottage and boat shed - Photo: Between Weathers

Mr Brown said: “We have spent a long time finding just the right locations for the film. Although the island of Fustra is in fact Fetlar, the filming will be split between several of the islands.

”The vistas we have selected are more than just a backdrop, they have been chosen to reflect the image of each of our characters. They can be expressive and loud or they can be silent and introspective, they reflect moods of resignation, joy, love and revenge.”

Mr Brown said that he also needed to find locations that contrasted the space with the claustrophobic nature of living on a tiny island.

“This was always going to be a very beautiful film, a film with a ‘wow’ factor, but I hope when you look below the surface of these staggering images you will see the heart and soul of a very special place.”

He added that the entire production team was working hard to hit filming targets this year.

“It’s a huge operation producing a film of this size on a small island. We have the very best people working with us 24/7 on the logistics. The reality is that we need to create the infrastructure to enable us to be productive and cost effective,” he said.

More Between Weathers location photos can be found at: www.betweenweathers.com/index.php/938-2/