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Man injured in Commercial Street disturbance

POLICE are making enquiries after a man in his early twenties was injured in a disturbance on South Commercial Street, in Lerwick, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

He was taken to the Gilbert Bain Hospital for treatment. A hospital spokeswoman said that he had been in a stable condition and was discharged on Sunday morning.

There have been persistent rumours throughout the weekend that the 23 year old had been stabbed, but police said on Sunday evening that they could not confirm how he had come by his injuries.

Detective sergeant Lindsay Tulloch said that the police were acknowledging the rumours but were keeping an open mind and would like to talk to anybody who could help them with their enquiries.

A police statement said: “Between 1am and 2am on Saturday morning 3 December 2011, an incident occurred on South Commercial Street, Lerwick between the Queens Hotel and Lerwick Boating Club whereby a 23 year old man received an injury which resulted in hospital treatment.”

Police in Lerwick can be contacted at 01595 69 2110.