NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021

Police issue Halloween warning

POLICE in Shetland have called on parents to better look after their children after officers seized alcohol from underage youths on 25 occasions during the weekend.

The vast majority of youngsters were on their way to Halloween dances across the islands when they were intercepted by police. 

A police spokesman said that a small number of youths were found to be so drunk that they were unable of looking after themselves, placing them at significant risk.

He added: “Shetland police would like to highlight this matter to parents and carers alike and ask that they take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their children when they are going to dances and events.”

There had been seven seizures of alcohol the previous weekend.

Meanwhile, a 42 year old woman has been charged with supplying a number of underage youths with what police described as an “extensive quantity of alcohol”.

The incident which happened in Lerwick in the early hours Saturday could have had a detrimental effect on the health and safety of the teenagers, the police spokesman said.

In a separate incident, a report on a 14 year old girl will be sent to the children’s reporter after she conducted herself in a disorderly manner when officers checked on her wellbeing.

They had been called out late on Friday evening after receiving reports that the girl had drunk so much alcohol that she was lying apparently unconscious near the town centre.