Hockey: Whalsay completes clean sweep

WHALSAY have won every single hockey trophy this season, having beaten Burra in the final of the Mid Brae Cup last Thursday.

The cup was presented to team captain Deborah Mowat, who scored the only goal in the final, by Rona Simpson, of Shetland Ladies Hockey Association.

Mid Brae Cup
Group A
Spurs 1 v 0 Zetland
(Gail McCulloch scored for Spurs)

Burra 0 v 0 Spurs

Zetland 0 v 5 Burra
(Stacey Laurenson scored three, Vicky Anderson, and Bethany Laurenson scoring for Burra)

Group A play-off
Spurs 0 v Burra 1
(Josie Jamieson scored for Burra)

Group B
Delting 0 v 0 Scalloway

Whalsay 0 v 0 Delting

Scalloway 0 v 1 Whalsay
(Angelina Sandison scored for Whalsay)

Whalsay 1 v 0 Burra
(Deborah Mowat scored for Whalsay)