Netball: The first games of the season

Kinetics (30) vs. Challengers (14)

The game started with fast paced play, both teams working hard and looking to gain an early lead.  Challengers displayed good movement in centre court from Catherine Williamson (C) and accurate shooting from Louise Johnson (GA).  Kinetics defense worked to pick up loose balls and gain interceptions.  The quarter time score was 4-4.


Both teams made changes to their line-up for the 2nd quarter,  with Heather Williamson coming onto WA for challengers, and for Kinetics Vaila Hough at WD, Louise Kelly at GK and Kirsti Leask at GS.  Kinetics started to look more settled, keeping possession in this quarter and pulling ahead 13-8 at the half time whistle.

Both teams still had everything to play for in the second half.  Kinetics stepped up a gear in the 3rd quarter, using short sharp passes up the court to the shooters.  Challengers were working hard in the defensive circle with Natalie Polson (GD) working hard to get rebounds and interceptions in the circle.  With an injury in this quarter, changes had to be made to both teams. However, Kinetics held onto their lead going into the fourth and final quarter 23-11.


The final quarter was a display of determination with both teams fighting for possession. Kinetics defense kept Louise Johnson and Lynsey Irvine at the edge of the circle, forcing long range shots, but with more accurate shooting only picking up some rebounds.   Kinetics managed to hold onto their lead and the game finished. 30-14.

Player of the match for Challengers was Louise Johnson and for Kinetics, Carina McLatchie.


AHS (15) vs. Team Rowley (38)

Both teams started well with strong defense from both ends of the court.  This was causing trouble for shooters, Claire Morris and Liza Fullerton of AHS and Lisa Morrison and Dawn Manson of Team Rowley, to convert passes into goals.  As the quarter went on Rowley found the net on more occasions, ending the first quarter 4-1.

After AHS had made a few changes to their team, the game began to settle. With fast play from Rowley’s centre Kylie Wood and WA Karen McKay, balls were being fed into the shooters and goals were scored.  AHS defenders Megan Keppie and Rozanne Georgeson were making it difficult for the shooters to find the pass and made a few impressive interceptions. However, Rowley started to pull away and the quarter finished 18-7 in their favour.

The third quarter saw AHS ready to fight back. Rowley’s defenders, Maisie Unsworth and Brenda Leask were marking their opponents in their defensive circle, Fullerton and Haley Tulloch, very closely however, which was forcing AHS to play the ball around the circle, to WA Claire Morris and centre Lauren Odie, with WD Katie Farnworth providing good support in the middle third. Many passes were stolen by Leask and Unsworth, which were managed to be quickly converted into goals by Team Rowley.


The final quarter saw a change in defense for AHS as Iona Holmes came back to GK, causing feeding into shooters a more difficult task and forcing Morrison and Manson to shoot from a further distance. This did not phase them however as they were netting some impressive long range shots and managed to extend their lead further. Team Rowley’s defense was continuing to work hard causing no end of trouble for AHS. As the game came to an end Rowley were victorious with a score of 38-15.

Players of the match were Lisa Morrison from Team Rowley and Iona Holmes for AHS.

Division 2

Wastside (55) vs. Da Hooligans (19)

The first game of the second division started with the Westside lasses against the young Whalsay team.  Hooligans took first centre pass, Karis Irvine connecting well with attackers, Rhona Tait WA, Rhea Kay GS and Valerie Sales GA, netting the first goal for the team.  Wastside secured the goal that followed, Aimee Keith C and Julie Crossan WA, trying to ensure quick passes made it to shooters, Mhari Moncrieff GA and Catherine Henry GS.   Both teams followed with their share of the play but Julie Keith GK and Karen priest GD were determined to catch any rebound shots from Hooligans and this meant that Wastside gained control and gradually edged into the lead ending the quarter with 11 goals to 6.

In the second quarter, Aimee Keith continued to play well for Wastside in centre court.  Holly Jamieson WD, Lara Kay GD and Nicola Polson GK worked tirelessly in Hooligans’ defence, trying to intercept from Wastside’s attacking line, but the experienced play of Mhari Moncrieff GA and Catherine Henry GS, made it difficult.  Wastside increased their lead by 29-12.


Both teams made some changes in the third quarter.  Lynsey Morrison and Karis Irvine were well matched against each other as centre players, showing skill beyond their years, but it was Wastside who took advantage of the fresh legs and continued to thwart the Hooligans chances at goal.  Karen Priest GD, Julie Keith GK and Pauline Walterson WD were gaining possession and finding space to get the ball back through to Lisa Johnson WA and Mhari Moncrieff in the Wastside circle.  Hooligans defenders continued to look for rebounds but Catherine Henry and Mhari Moncrieff were not letting anything slip by them and the quarter ended 40-15 in Wastside’s favour.

Wastside continued to dominate in the final quarter but Hooligans never gave up. Karis Irvine was always working hard.  Shooters, Rhea Kay GS and Valerie Sales GA were steadily gaining more confidence and taking their shots well in the circle but Wastside used their experience to their advantage and continued to add to their tally.  The final score ended 55-19.

Players of the match were Aimee Keith for Wastside and Karis Irvine, Hooligans.

Mishaps (37) vs. Hotfooters (35)

Hotfooters, an untried and inexperienced squad this year with five new signings playing for the first time at senior level, proved to be a tough opening match for the established Mishaps team.

The two sides were evenly matched for the 1st quarter with the Mishaps edging ahead in the last minute to lead 8 – 7.

The second period highlighted Hotfooters inexperience, showing how they were a little unsure of one another, resulting in several turnovers in mid court against them. This allowed Ann-Marie Goudie and Leanne Tait (GS) to net their shots and demonstrate how valuable experience is when it comes to taking charge in the shooting circle. Mishaps increased their lead to 24 – 16 at half-time.


The third quarter showed the potential of the young team as they came out more settled catching Mishaps unaware as they began to get to grips with the game. The defensive trio of Meryn Johnston (GK), Ailild Risk (GD) and Laura Cheyne (WD) began to upset the flow of the Mishaps attack gaining possession for Hotfooters. With Jenny Anderson highly active in the centre role and linking well with Anne Leask (WA), combined with accurate shooting from Megan Peturrsen and Kim Johnson, Hotfooters scored 6 goals in a row wining the quarter 11 – 5 and reducing Mishaps lead to 29 – 27.

The final quarter was a hard fought 15 minutes as Mishaps recognised the danger their opponents presented. Suzanne Manson (WA) was influential in steadying the Mishaps attack and with both sets of shooters on fire the teams scored a further 8 goals apiece. Final score 37 – 35 in Mishaps favour.

Leanne Tait and Jenny Anderson were voted players of the match.


Division 3

Dutch Courage (9) vs. Team Tingwall (35)

The game began with a strong start from Team Tingwall with quick passing into the goal third. Dutch Courage settled into the game after the first few minutes managing to get on the score board before the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter got off to a fast start with Tingwall continuing to dominate much of the play.  Dutch Courage worked well in and around the centre taking a more defensive strategy against their opponents.

After some substitutions at half time, Dutch Courage came together to add to their score but Tingwall attacked strong and managed to extend their lead.

The fourth quarter was quick paced with Dutch Courage taking long passes up to the goal third. However, Tingwall’s defence was strong and excellent play from the shooters meant they finished the match on top.


Players of the match were Kate Wills for Dutch Courage and Rachel Young for Team Tingwall.

Scallywags (19) vs. Arctic Security (37)

Scallywags won the first centre pass which signaled the start of a very fast quarter between the two teams who were both determined to finish with a win.  Scallywags were a bit unsettled and Arctic Security used this to their advantage which saw accurate shooting from Julie Brown GA and Paula Sinclair GS making Scallywags defense work tirelessly fighting for every pass.  As the quarter ended Arctic Security were leading 6-11.

With the second quarter under way, it was Arctic Security who dominated most of the play with accurate passing in their mid court through to their shooters who were rarely missing the net.  Scallywags never gave up which saw great passing from Gwen Malcolmson C through to Meg Laurenson WA into their shooters who despite being marked closely by Kristen Johnston GK and Sarah Kay GD, were finding their shots on goal.  As the half time whistle went it was Arctic Security who were leading 11-19.

As the third quarter got underway, again it was Arctic Security who were dominating the play with their accurate passing making Scallywags Rachel Williamson GD and Debbie Morgan GK work hard in defense.  Scallywags were determined to close down the scoring which saw some great long range shots by Anne-Marie Robinson GA and Cyndi Pottinger GS find the net.  As this quarter drew to a close Arctic Security were leading the home side 15-27.

With everything to play for in this final quarter Scallywags were now playing well together with great passing between Malcolmson C and Joy Duncan WA but Arctic Security’s Kristen Johnston GK were soon on the rebounds feeding the ball back up the court.  Scallywags gave it their all in this last quarter but it was Arctic Security who was the stronger of the teams and secured their first win of the season 19-37.  Very fast paced game with lots of all round play by both teams.

Players of the match were Gwen Malcolmson for Scallywags and Julie Brown for Arctic Security.