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In brief for 5 May 2011

Speeding in Tingwall

A TWENTY one year old man is to be reported to the procurator fiscal in Shetland for speeding and dangerous driving after being caught doing 57mph in a 30mph zone.

Police in the isles said they had carried out “proactive speed checks” at Veensgarth, in Tingwall, on Tuesday morning, when a number of other drivers were also found be breaking the speed limit.

A spokesman said: “It is disappointing to note that after numerous warnings from the police regarding road traffic matters including speeding, drivers still continue to drive at excessive speed on Shetland roads.

“We would again like to take this opportunity to advise motorists that statistics show that accidents are more likely to occur on rural roads and as such they should drive at appropriate speeds taking into consideration the weather and other contributing factors.”

Anti drugs video concert

AROUND 400 primary school pupils aged 10 and 11 from across Shetland gathered at the Clickimin Leisure Complex on Thursday morning for the annual Choices for Life event.

Choices for Life, organised by the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) and supported by Northern Constabulary, provides young people with information and advice on substance misuse.

The event delivers live music and drama via video link and provides young people with guidance on how to resist peer pressure relating to tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs.

Performers at this year’s events include the MacDonald Brothers singer and songwriter Carrie Mac, up and coming boy band GMD3 and London-based rap act, MC Enel. PACE Theatre Group is delivering a drama sketch during the live event.

Detective superintendent Alan Cunningham, head of investigation services, SCDEA said: “The aim is to give young people the facts so that they have the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions.”


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