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Moore backs drilling as protest goes on

ENVIRONMENTAL pressure group Greenpeace continued their protest against deep sea drilling on Monday in front of the drill ship Stena Carron.

As Scottish secretary Michael Moore defended the UK’s stance on deepwater drilling during his visit to Shetland, Greenpeace sent more volunteers to swim in front of the 228 metre vessel as it was steaming ahead 100 miles north of Shetland

The activists said that they would continue to halt the progress of the Chevron-operated ship for as long as they can.

Greenpeace want the UK to stop drilling for oil and gas in the deep north east Atlantic following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

But on a visit to Lerwick harbour, Mr Moore said drilling for oil west of Shetland would continue.

“Greenpeace has a long established position on deepwater drilling. The government takes a different view.

“We believe that we continue to examine our opportunities and options around the UK waters and we will continue with the licensing round and continue to look at drilling in the context of a very strict safety and environmental regime.

“Ever since the Gulf of Mexico disaster we have been working very closely with the UK industry, looking very carefully at the safety regime.

“Inspections have been increased and we are confident that by continuing strong partnership working, we can maintain our strong record in British waters that has been a feature of the last decades.