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‘Stick ‘em on an island’

A SELECTION of gay, lesbian and transgender themed short films will be screened in Shetland at this year’s film festival Screenplay, to be held between 2 and 5 September.

Curated by Mark Kermode and Linda Ruth Williams, the 4th Screenplay festival will also explore song and dance in movies and celebrate the art of documentary films.

Shetland Arts has teamed up with London based Peccadillo Pictures to bring six films under the heading ‘Stick ‘em on an island!”.

Simon Savory of Peccadillo said that he wanted to take that “familiar and ludicrous adage” literally and are now presenting films with an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) theme to island film festivals from Jersey in the south to Shetland in the far north.

“The award-winning films from past and present portray, via both fiction and documentary, the highs, lows and various prejudices experienced by LGBT people, who are part of every community, in both urban and suburban environments, in cities and even on islands,” he said.

Kathy Hubbard of Shetland Arts said: “We were approached by Peccadillo Pictures with their concept and were very happy to oblige.

“It will be challenging for some but that is what society is about, and we hope to attract a wide range of people from the whole community.”

The short films due to be screened are:

  • Breath – Margien Rogaar (Netherlands) 8mins
  • Henna Night – Dir. Sally El Hosaini (UK) 12mins
  • The Island – Dir. Trevor Anderson (Canada) 6mins
  • Latecomers – Dir. Olivia Humphreys (UK) 16mins
  • Promtroversy – Dir. Leanna Creel (USA) 12mins
  • Trevor – Dir. Peggy Rajski (USA) 23mins
  • And the preview trailer of We Once Were Tide – Dir. Jason Bradbury (UK) 2mins

Ms Hubbard also gave a first preview of what else is being planned during the four day long cinematic extravaganza.

Visitors this year include acclaimed director Julien Temple (Oil City Confidential, Requiem for Detroit) and Irish film maker Ken Wardrop with his first full length documentary on the lives and loves of Irish women (His and Hers).

Ms Hubbard added: “Speaking of illustrious guests, are any Harry Potter fans out there brave enough to meet the sinister Lucius Malfoy? Or if you’re more of a Peter Pan fan, would you like to put a question to Captain Hook?

“Well now’s your chance as we are delighted to welcome Jason Isaacs, one of Britain’s most talented and internationally recognised film and television actors.

“Apart from screening one of the early Harry Potter films we will also be showcasing Jason’s latest film, a dark comedy called Skeletons (a big hit at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival) as well as celebrating some of his best work in television drama.”

There will also be outreach screenings at schools, care centres and community halls, and of course, Shetland’s local film makers will have their own screening session.

A programme with a full list of all films that will be shown will be published at a later date.