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Court / ‘A loathsome and despicable act’: teenager fined for racist insult
Community / People invited to take part in racial equality art project
Viewpoint / Racism takes many formsFollowing news reports of racist graffiti appearing on some crumbling Cold War buildings in the southend of Shetland, Peter Hamilton puts pen to paper to reflect on the many forms racism, sexism, transphobia and discrimination can take.
Community / Racist incidents in schools figures don’t show full picture, campaigner says
Education / Around two racist incidents recorded a year in local schoolsSIC quality improvement officer says school staff ‘will challenge any racial prejudice’ if an incident occurs
Community / Motion lodged at Scottish Parliament calling for end of ‘blackface’ at Up Helly Aa festivalsLerwick Up Helly Aa said it would also not tolerate ‘blacking up’
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