Council / Town Hall flagpoles get planning permission twenty years after being installed

Norway and Sweden flags raised on two of the poles at Lerwick Town Hall last year. Photo: SIC

SIX flag poles which were put up outside Lerwick Town Hall around two decades ago have been given retrospective planning permission.

A recently submitted application said the council not applying for consent when they were installed was an “oversight”.

The six white poles were installed next to the A-listed building around the year 2000, and they are sometimes used on special occasions.


A spokesperson for Shetland Islands Council had said the retrospective application sought to “ensure that planning consent is in place for the A-listed building”.

The decision from the council’s own planning service has now come through and the flagpoles can breathe a sigh of relief: they have been given retrospective consent.

The decision said the poles are “considered to be sited to respect the prevailing architecture of the wall, ensures that the historic fabric of the building is largely unaffected, and due to the length of time the poles have been in place, they can now be viewed as an integral element of the building and its setting, and overall, does not have a detrimental impact on the character or setting of the listed building”.