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Letters / Something vital to Shetland would be irretrievably lost

I was very sad to hear that Lunna Kirk is to be sold by the Church of Scotland. To me it’s the most beautiful and atmospheric building in Shetland, and surely the most historic.

I can see that in purely monetary value it doesn’t add up for the Church of Scotland to keep pouring money into what is presumably a huge financial black hole, when attendance numbers are low.

However, I feel that the Church of Scotland need to realise the importance of the building to the wider community and accept their irreplaceable role as custodian.

The Kirk is a package, and if its function were no longer as a place of worship, and its interior changed to accommodate a more secular purpose, something vital to Shetland would be irretrievably lost.

I do hope that something can be done to save this wonderful place, and to keep it intact for future generations.

Rob Jones