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Letters / Revolution has become essential

I recently watched the TV series Shetland. The acting was excellent, the story convoluted rubbish.

However, my lasting memory is ‘the roads’. Everywhere they were in perfect condition. The difference from Caithness can be summed up in one word: Oil!

That oil is now threatened by the SNP’s ‘green’ policy. It is ironic that at the independence referendum oil was the main pillar that would ensure economic prosperity.

In September 2020 Shetland Islands Council voted 18 to two with two absentees to explore the various paths to financial and political self-determination.

It is said that revolution is impossible until it becomes inevitable. For Shetland in the past week, it has become essential. The best option would be ‘Crown Dependency’ like the Channel Islands. Its future would be assured.

The oil industry would give it massive support. One aspect of that support would be to use their wealth to support the establishment of a massive offshore banking sector. I personally don’t approve of these. But!

Like the Channel Islands it would not be part of the UK, but would come under the UK defence umbrella; essential to protect its fishing industry from continental pirates.

After Scottish Independence it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain any form of independence for Shetland

John Campbell