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Health / Flu and Covid booster vaccine programme progressing

MORE than 700 doses of flu vaccine and over 900 Covid vaccines were given out last week by NHS Shetland.

This week the health board will be starting to invite people in the following groups for their flu vaccination and Covid booster (if at least six months since their second dose):

  • People aged 70 and over
  • People who are ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ (similar to the shielding group)

NHS Shetland will be continuing to invite:

  • Young people aged 12-15 for Covid vaccination
  • People aged 18 and over who are now due a second dose of Covid vaccine (eight weeks after their first)
  • People aged 16-17 (only if in clinical risk groups) who are now due a second dose of Covid vaccine (eight weeks after first)
  • People who are severely immunosuppressed for a third dose of Covid vaccine, along with their flu vaccine. The timing of an appointment for some of this group will depend on what sort of treatment they are on
  • Pregnant women and pre-school children for flu vaccination

Most people will be contacted by phone, some will be invited to attend a clinic at their health centre and some will be invited to the Gilbertson vaccination centre in Lerwick.

Anyone who is aged 16 or over and has not yet had a first dose of the Covid vaccine and wants to have it or who is eligible for a second dose and has missed it, should email shet.vaccination-team@nhs.scot or leave a voicemail on 01595 743319.

Folk are asked to provide a name, date of birth, their GP practice and contact details.

Frontline health and social care workers should contact their manager if they have not yet been asked about flu and Covid boosters.

Meanwhile only one new case of Covid was confirmed in Shetland in the last 24 hours.