Community / Anita’s ‘amazing day’ as local hero meets Queen at parliament

Beatrice Wishart MSP (left) pictured with her local hero Anita Georgeson during the royal opening of the sixth session of the Scottish Parliament on Saturday (2 October). Photo: Fraser Bremner/Scottish Parliament

A CARE worker and fundraiser picked as Shetland’s ‘local hero’ says meeting the Queen and Prince Charles at the Scottish Parliament was a “cherished memory to last me a lifetime”.

Anita Georgeson travelled to Edinburgh on the invitation of Shetland MSP Beatrice Wishart to mark the formal opening of the sixth session of the parliament on Saturday (2 October).


Other local heroes from across Scotland were also invited to attend.

Not only did they get a chance to visit the parliament, but they were able to briefly mingle with the Queen and Prince Charles who attended the event.

Anita, who works at Edward Thomason and Taing House in Lerwick and has raised thousands for charity in recent years, said it was the “most amazing day”.

“It was such an honour to have been chosen amongst so many lovely folk in Shetland,” she told Shetland News.

“Plus never in a million years would I have thought I’d get the chance to have met both her majesty the Queen and Charles.”


Wishart said it was an “enjoyable ceremony, one of celebration with music and performances reflecting today’s diverse Scotland, while highlighting the heart of the Scottish Parliament and a reminder, if needed, that we are here to serve the people of Scotland”.

“Covid-19 has meant that events and tours on the Scottish Parliament campus have not allowed groups to see democracy at work,” the MSP added.

“I look forward to when we are able to do that again.

“While previous opening sessions of the Scottish Parliament allowed MSPs to invite a local person to the ceremony, it was particularly special this time.

“Anita and many other unsung local heroes have ‘gone the extra mile’ during the pandemic, and kept others’ spirits up during the height of Covid-19. This was a small way to acknowledge their dedication, and to say ‘thank you’.”