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Community / Path around Mareel and business park could be more accessible, meeting hears

An aerial view of Mareel. Photo: Ian Leask
An aerial view of Mareel. Photo: Ian Leask

A SUGGESTION has been made that access to the path around Mareel and North Ness Business Park could be more wheelchair-friendly.

The matter was discussed at a meeting of Lerwick Community Council on Monday after a letter from a local resident.

He said that as a recent wheelchair user following an active life, he wished to continue his hobby of fishing from the pathway around Mareel.

But the correspondent said the uneven entrance close to the museum is very difficult to access when in a wheelchair before it gets to the level paving.

He added that some parts of the path sloped towards the sea, which could be dealt with by a “wheel stop”.

The letter also said the walkway is a “community asset of great importance”.

The other entrances to the water-side path involve steps.

The meeting heard that accessibility for people with prams is also an issue.

The community council agreed to write to the owner of the site to raise the matter further, as well as Mareel operator Shetland Arts.