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Community / Lucky escape for lamb rescued from sea cave

Kayaking with a lamb on the lap.

A SOUTHEND resident is trying to trace the owner of a lamb he rescued from a sea cave at the weekend.

David Smith, from Levenwick, was out kayaking with his wife Jenny when they found the lost animal in a small cave between Channerwick and Hoswick.

Smith said the lamb had clearly been there for some time, perhaps a couple of weeks, after falling down the cliffs.

“One of its front legs appears to have been broken and has now re-set, but not in the correct shape,” he said.

“It has other injuries, but is amazingly well for its ordeal. I was able to get it on the kayak and took it back to our home in Levenwick, where it’s recovering in our garden.”

He said the lamb has an ear tag with the flock number UK 524252.

To claim the lamb please call Smith on 01950 422441 or contact him via e-mail at davidbeadies@aol.com 

… and then recovering in the Smiths’ garden.