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Council / SIC on hand to help during gull nesting season

THE COUNCIL is advising property owners and council tenants to get in touch if they have any problems with gulls nests on rooftops as spring arrives.

Herring gulls nesting on chimneys and rooftops can often be very territorial and aggressive to anyone near their nesting site, particularly once chicks have hatched.

Shetland Islands Council’s environmental health team can provide advice on how to prevent gulls from making nests and laying eggs, and also remove nests if necessary.

For council house tenants, the council can provide gull-proofing, if requested. Private house owners are encouraged to proof their own homes or get a professional to do so for them.

The laws in relation to gull nest removal have been tightened up significantly in the last two years but nests can be removed in specific circumstances following a risk assessment on each site.

There is a charge for this service of £99.50, which includes an initial treatment and up to two follow-up visits.

Environmental Health team leader David Robertson said: “We would ask that everyone keeps an eye on their property in the coming weeks.

“Gulls nesting on rooftops can be real nuisance and we’d prefer to remove nests sooner rather than later.

“If it’s left too late and chicks have hatched then there is nothing we can do and it could make for a long noisy summer for the household and nearby residents.”

Anyone needing to discuss any problem gulls nests can get in touch with environmental health on 01595 745250.