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Coronavirus / Three new Covid cases confirmed

ANOTHER three confirmed cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Shetland.

It brings the total cumulative tally of cases since the pandemic began last year to 203.

New figures also show that at least 1,158 people in Shetland have received their first dose of the vaccine.

NHS Shetland said that one of the new positive results appears to be an isolated case, with the others linked to previous known cases.

Consultant in public health Dr Susan Laidlaw said although numbers have significantly reduced, an average of three new cases a day were still being identified. This meant that Covid-19 was still circulating in the community.

“It is really important to keep taking precautions to reduce spread in the coming months while we are all waiting to be protected by the vaccine,” she said.

“Please remember that all the FACTS guidance still applies, including distancing, when you are with anyone outside your household, even if they are family members.

“While we understand it is difficult not to give someone you love a hug or a kiss, you are placing each other at risk if one of you unknowingly has the virus. It is especially important to protect the older and more vulnerable members of our community: we have seen people being admitted to hospital and flown to the mainland and sadly people have died over the past month.

“The vaccination is being rolled out and once we know that is effective in the population then we will see life starting to get back to normal. In the meantime, we appeal to the Shetland community to be patient and to abide by the FACTS.”

Dr Laidlaw said all those who could work from home should do that and that employers should be doing everything possible to facilitate this.

“If you have to go into work then your workplace should have good ventilation, you should maintain two metre distancing at all times, if there is no physical barrier, and wear a mask whenever in a communal work area such as corridors, rest rooms, and entrances.”