News round-up / Tesco tightens rules, extra £3m for island businesses, mobile mast planning appeal

The Tesco store in Lerwick is one of two supermarkets in the town alongside the Co-op.

TESCO is now asking customers to shop alone, unless they are with a carer or with children, as the supermarket tightens its rules during the pandemic.

The supermarket also said it will refuse entry to anyone who is not wearing a face covering, unless they are exempt. The changes are nationwide.


Store entrances are set to be manned by staff.

SHETLAND MSP Beatrice Wishart has welcomed news of an extra £3 million of support for hospitality, retail and leisure businesses in the Scottish islands.

The funding is designed to help island businesses which have been affected by coronavirus restrictions, but unable to access support available for those in level four areas.

“While Shetland not may be under the same restrictions as the mainland, the effects are still devastating on businesses who were trying to get back on their feet after last year’s turmoil,” Wishart said.

“Measures to control the spread of the virus are, of course, necessary, and at this crucial time when vaccines are being rolled out, but that means government has to provide the support to businesses who are now struggling through no fault of their own.”


PROPOSALS for a phone mast near to Lerwick Town Hall which were turned down by Shetland Islands Council planners last year are being brought to appeal.

Mobile operator O2 wants to install the 17.5m mast at the top of Quendale Lane, which runs up the side of the old swimming pool car park, to improve network services in the area.

Last year the planning service ruled that it was not in keeping with the characteristics of the Lerwick lanes conservation area – with the mast likely to “look and feel out of place”.

The applicant has now appealed the decision, with the matter due to go to the council’s planning committee on 22 February.