Coronavirus / Viking Energy still assessing whether any additional Covid measures are needed

WIND farm developer SSE Renewables says the company is still assessing the latest changes in Covid-19 restrictions with regards to the construction work of the Viking Energy wind farm.

Scotland has effectively been put into lockdown until at last the end of January in an attempt to tackle the high number of new infections. The message to people living in mainland Scotland is ‘stay at home’.

Construction of the Viking Energy wind farm started earlier this year. Photo: Steven Christie

Shetland, however, has been kept in tier three along with the other Scottish island communities.

With construction work on the massive 103-turbine wind farm about to re-commence after the Christmas and New Year break, concern has been raised that the virus could be brought to Shetland if returning workers are not tested.

Many local people have since taken to social media to express their views that everybody travelling to Shetland should be tested on arrival and self-isolate until test results come back as negative.


On Tuesday, a spokesman for SSE Renewables said the developer was still assessing the situation, adding that any changes would be made public.

“We are currently assessing latest changes to Government guidance in Scotland, including Shetland, in respect of the coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions, and the potential impacts these will have on the robust protection measures already in place on the Viking Wind Farm project,” the spokesman said.

“Should any changes be required to our existing risk-assessed measures, these will be advised in due course.”

A spokesman for protest group Sustainable Shetland said it should be mandatory for incoming workers to be tested for Covid, in the current near lockdown situation.

“Our community should not be put at risk because of indecent haste to proceed with the Viking Energy project which, in any case, is not likely to be vital to the nation’s energy supply,” he said.