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Education / Pupils receive new SQA certificates

MORE than 340 pupils across Shetland have now received new certificates from the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) following the government’s exams results U-turn.

In addition, 50 pupils who had their exams results upgraded to teacher estimates have had their results confirmed.

With the cancellations of exams as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic this year’s grades were originally based on teacher assessment.

However, in an attempt to ensure that this year’s results were comparable to previous years’ the SQA downgraded 125,000 estimated across Scotland.

In Shetland, 640 of the 2,492 national 5, higher and advanced higher grades were changed.

Surviving a vote of no confidence, education secretary John Swinney announced last month that the initial teacher estimates would be reinstated for downgraded results, and that the upgraded results would be maintained.

A revised appeals system was put in place for schools but there have been no appeals submitted from Shetland schools.

Education and families committee chairman George Smith said he welcomed the reinstatement of teacher estimates “ensuring that no learners in Shetland were disadvantaged”.