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Emergency services / Teenage boy rescued after rock fall

The Coastguard helicopter searching the Ness of Sound area on Tuesday evening.

A TEENAGE boy was airlifted to the Gilbert Bain Hospital last night (Tuesday) after being rescued from cliffs at the Ness of Sound, in Lerwick.

Lerwick lifeboat, the Sumburgh-based search and rescue helicopter as well as volunteer coastguard teams from Lerwick, Sumburgh and Hillswick were all called out at just before 9pm.

A coastguard spokesperson said a number of teenagers had been climbing down some cliffs when one of the teenagers was hit by a rock.

A coastguard rope rescue technician was deployed from the cliff top. The Lerwick lifeboat crew also launched their Y boat with two lifeboat crewmen.

The coastguard said the rope technician and the two lifeboat crew stabilised the patient.

The helicopter then lowered their winch paramedic to the patient to carry out an in depth medical assessment.

Coastguard teams stayed with the casualty until he was airlifted to the Clickimin landing site at around 11.20pm for transfer to the Gilbert Bain Hospital. He is not thought to be seriously injured.

The coastguard said it was a “technically challenging incident, with a multi agency response”.

“We would like to thank our partner agencies for their assistance,” it added.

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