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Politics / Young people urged to take part in consultation

THE SCOTTISH Youth Parliament is consulting young people across the country on the issues they see as the most pressing for political action.

Shetland’s two youth parliamentarians Jonathan Dorrat and Leighton Anderson are urging 12 to 25 year olds to have their say in the current manifesto consultation under the headline From Scotland’s Young People.

Shetland MSYPs Leighton Anderson (left) and Jonathan Dorrat at last year’s Scottish Parliament by-election count at the Clickimin Leisure Centre. Photo: Shetland News

The MSYPs hope for a good response from young people in Shetland to ensure they have a say on the most pressing issues impacting their lives.

This consultation will shape the Scottish Youth Parliament’s political work for a five-year period, and enable MSYPs to work constructively with decision makers to ensure local young people’s needs are being met.

The consultation covers pertinent topics including climate change, the age of criminal responsibility and the impact of Covid-19 on young people’s futures.

It can be found online at https://bit.ly/2y1OIGx

Dorrat said: “Young people in Shetland have had a good level of participation in recent national consultations such as Lockdown Lowdown where Shetland had the second-highest number of respondents across all 32 local authority areas.”

Anderson added: “I have recently been selected to become a manifesto ambassador. Within this role, I will work alongside other MSYPs and we are responsible for promoting and furthering the Scotland-wide consultation From Scotland’s Young People.”

A previous manifesto campaign persuaded the Scottish Government to incorporate the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child into Scots Law.

The Scottish Youth Parliament also first called for a ban in smoking in public places in 2004 – two years before it came into force.