Coronavirus / No new coronavirus cases

THERE have been no new coronavirus cases in Shetland, it has been announced, the day before the new “trace and protect” system is to be unrolled in the isles and nationally.

National Statistics For Scotland figures, released today, show there have thankfully been no new Covid-19 linked deaths in Shetland.


Throughout Scotland there have been 230 deaths where Covid-19 was mentioned in the death certificate in the past week, a decrease of 105 on the previous week, with a total of 3,779 coronavirus deaths since the first was recorded on 16 March.

The proportion of deaths involving coronavirus was 19 per cent in week 21 (last week) compared with a high of 36 per cent in week 17.

The number of positive tests in Shetland has remained at 54 since 22 April. There have been a total of 464 tests in Shetland up until 16 May.

The NHS has tested a total of 106,984 people throughout Scotland, of which 15,240 were positive, but this is an underestimate of the number of cases there have been.