SIC - Orkney & Shetland valuation joint board

Letters / Time to open up the coffers?

Here we ir sittin in Shetland wi millions o pounds in a bank…..

Wir we no telt dat wis ordinary folk cooldna git ony thing oot o it cos it wis fur an emergency.

Weel wir in an emergency situation eenoo….

Wir front line workers hae very little PPE [personal protective equipment]…folk need tae be tested an wir food banks hiv da highest uptake.

I ask you is it noo time fur wir esteemed cooncilers tae open up da coffers an use a grain o dis millions fur da güd o wir community?

Test aa body, ensure wir frontline workers ir safe an dat aabody gits maet.

Lorraine Jamieson