Community / Guizer jarl back in time for procession

Guizer jarl Craig Dickie and wife Rebecca last night. Photo: Garry Sandison.

DISPLAYING true viking grit, Cullivoe guizer jarl Craig Dickie battled back from an injury sustained in the early hours of Friday (and trip to the Gilbert Bain Hospital) in time for lighting up yesterday evening.

It turned out the guizer jarl’s arm was not broken, but nonetheless requiring a sling. He battled on with his shield and his better half Rebecca to support him – proving two really are better than one.

Here are some photos by Garry Sandison of last night’s event.

The galley well ablaze. Photo: Garry Sandison
En route to the burning site. Photo: Garry Sandison
Guizers in the procession. Photo: Garry Sandison