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Health / Offshore worker tests negative for coronavirus

Cormorant Alpha. Photo TAQACormorant Alpha. Photo TAQA

A WORKER on a North Sea oil platform off Shetland who recently visited Thailand has tested negative for coronavirus.

Operator of the Tern Alpha platform TAQA confirmed on Saturday evening that the worker no longer needs to be kept in isolation.

However, the company said the worker – who was said to have been displaying “mild symptoms” – is being kept in voluntary isolation while their return to shore is arranged.

A further four workers on TAQA-operated platforms off Shetland have also been kept in isolation as a precautionary measure relating to coronavirus as they had recently visited affected regions.

However, they had “no symptoms” and are also due to return to shore.

Two of those four workers were on the North Cormorant platform, one was on Cormorant Alpha and another on Harding.

A TAQA spokesperson said on Saturday evening: “TAQA can confirm that the individual on its Tern Alpha platform has tested negative for coronavirus and is well.

“Health Protection Scotland have advised that there is now no need for ongoing isolation and that the individual can go about normal activities.

“However, in line with other crew who have recently returned from the affected regions, the individual remains in voluntary isolation while we arrange his return to shore.”