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Emergency services / Trawler freed from rocks near Lerwick

The Rosebloom is being towed to Lerwick harbour by the tugs Knab and Kebister with the lifeboat standing by. Photo: Jim Mullay

AN INVERNESS registered trawler was being towed into Lerwick at 1.30pm after it was freed from rocks north east of Lerwick.

The 26m long Rosebloom (INS 353) ran aground on the Soldian rock around 1am and her crew were taken off shortly after by Lerwick lifeboat as a precaution.

Lifeboat crew at the scene of the grounding. Photo: RNLI

The Lerwick Port Authority vessels Knab and Kebister managed to pull her off at 12.48pm and the vessels were towing her to Morrison dock where her fishing partner Boy John (INS 110) was berthed.

According to LPA a couple of the fishermen went back on the vessel before attempts to tow her were made and pumps were supplied by Ocean Kinetics to keep the water level down in the holed vessel.

The Rosebloom had landed fish at Lerwick last night before heading out to sea again in the early hours.

Lerwick lifeboat had first made an attempt to tow the fishing boat clear in a falling tide, but this failed, snapping tow lines in the process. Attempts by other vessels to free Rosebloom were also unsuccessful.

Rosebloom aground on the rocks. Photo: Nate Bryant.

The nine crew members were taken off the stricken vessel by the lifeboat around 4am and safely returned to Lerwick harbour, with only minor injuries, and into the care of the ambulance service.

Weather conditions were calm with light winds and a moderate sea swell, with the air temperature just above freezing.

Lerwick lifeboat deputy coxwain Tommy Goudie said later: “The outcome of this grounding could have been a lot worse. Thanks to fair weather and the combined efforts of ourselves and Lerwick Port Authority vessels, the fishing crew are safe, and the vessel is now safely in harbour.

“The crew did the right thing by contacting the coastguard as soon as they knew they needed help. They were wearing survival suits and life jackets and
deployed their life raft in case it became necessary. Our crew are always ready to respond and we’re pleased to be able to assist.”